Maxman Men’s Coffee For Erectile Function



Maxman men’s coffee man power is one of our best selling products for erectile function.

It is natural and very effective for men who want to last long during sexual intercourse.

Maxman erectile function coffee increases the penis size and makes you able to satisfy your woman.

It is one of the best sexual enhancements that we offer and its effect begins within 15 minutes of taking it and it last for 180 hours (7 day plus) the best across the globe the same category.

Note that this does not mean that your penis will stand for 180 hours. The effect could only last that long.

How To Use Maxman Erectile Function Coffee

It makes makes the penis larger, thicker, stronger and makes room for maximum enjoyment for both partners.

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Kindly note that Maxman coffee is strictly reserved for men over 20 years.

10grms, 4 bags in the pack. Add one bag in warm water, allow to infuse and then drink like tea. It has coffee taste.

Maxman coffee is safe and harmless. You can also buy this product and resell it


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