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  • African Viagra

    African Viagra


    Original viagra for sexual enhancement for men, works for, boost sperm count and delay ejaculation.

    You can also resell our products.

    We offer reasonable discounts to our retailers provided you meet our required MOQ. Please note discounts are available for resellers only.

  • big boy soap for erectile function for men

    Big Boy Soap For Men’s Erection

  • bigman capsule

    Bigman Capsule


    Bigman capsule is a penis enhancement product with pure natural plant formula.

    Its compounds have been clinically tested and approved with no nasty side effect.

    It can enlarge the penis size, increase the erection hardness and delay ejaculation.

    Also, it can extend the time that you last on woman permanently.

    Furthermore, it can improve a man’s sexual health entirely.

    It’s a natural supplement that helps you take back your manhood.

  • Burantashi Herb

    Burantashi Herb

  • Formula 41 extreme

    Formula 41


    Formula 41 is made from a maximum strength formula ingredients which has unmatched potency.

    Also, it has been clinically proven as a result oriented for men sexual enhancement.

    It also enlarges the penis.

  • Goodman Capsules

    Goodman Capsules


    Goodman capsules is effective in the long term treatment of

    • Erectile dysfunction/premature ejaculation in men.
    • Helps you form a truly muscular looking penis that will impress and arouse your lover.
    • Helps you achieve rock hard erections any time you want.
  • hyergra for long lasting erection

    Hyergra For Long Lasting Erection

    Say welcome to rock hard and longa lasting erection, excellent sexual performance and premature Ejaculation problems . What hyergra 200 does so well as a male enhancement super drug is to empower your body’s circulatory system to respond powerfully to sexual impulses, which ensures that when you feel aroused enough to have sex, the blood vessels in the penis will expand significantly and the heart will pump more blood to your penile region.
  • Konji Manpower Herb

    Konji Herb For Premature Ejaculation

  • maxman capsules for erectile function for men

    Maxman Capsules MMC

    Maxman II Capsules contains natural ingredients for safe and effective results. The product is a mixture of ginseng, Maca Powder, Guarana, Aveni Sativa and Rowdy Weed & other effective & safe ingredients that works !
    Maxman II is an all-natural penis enlargement and sexual enhancement pill. One way it does this by improving blood flow to the penis for increasing the size and hardness of the erection. Two Capsules with a full glass of water should be taken for best results.
  • Maxman Coffee For men sexual satisfaction

    Maxman Coffee


    Maxman coffee delivers two results at the same time.

    First, it combines delicious and aromatic instant coffee with powerful natural aphrodisiacs. This makes it give more satisfactory sexual performance.

    Also, Maxman can also serve as remedy for the treatment of a number of male sexual problems.  Basically, these include lack of energy, low libido, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

    Women can drink maxman, as well, if they are willing to bring up energy levels and to boost their libido.

    Maxman sex coffee brings together natural ingredients, which means that it is perfectly safe for usage.

  • max man men enlargement oil

    Maxman Enlarging Oil

    Maxman Enlarging Oil stands out with exceptional result.
    The oil permanently enlarges and enhances the size of your penis. Maxman enlarging oil also helps you last long during sexual intercourse.
    Made of essential herbs that are safe and have zero side effect.
  • maxman coffee for sexual wellness penis

    Maxman Men’s Coffee For Erectile Function